May 20, 1992

Hi Gordie,

Wanted to drop you a note to tell you I had a blast with you guys in Omaha at the Home Show. I can't wait to see you and the Reunion at the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake in February.

See you soon,


Del Shannon Sioux City Iowa

DJ Gordie Z


Still going strong Gordie and his DJ's agree that their experience and a awesome reputation are the keys to their success. 


Scooter Lee Omaha NE

The Beginning

In 1978 Gordie  went to a wedding of a friend that had a DJ playing music and announcing. He had never seen anything like that before and  thought it was a fantastic idea. So December 31st New Years Eve 1978 at Peony Park Ball Room Rock & Roll Treasures was born and DJ Gordie Z had his first music show.

The Birth of  the Rock "N" Roll Reunion

The Grass Roots Altoona IA

Some Of The Folks Gordie Has Worked With

 February 4th & 5th 1993









The show was a BIG hit through out the Midwest. One night,  (in 1989) at one of the shows a Vice President from Dr Pepper was attending. He had so much fun he asked Gordie if he would be interested in doing the show promoting Dr Pepper through out the area and Dr Pepper would promote and cover the costs of the show . It took Gordie about 3 seconds to except the offer. Dr Pepper's promotional people wanted Gordie to change the name of the show to ROCK with the DOC's Dr Pepper and DOC ROCK (Gordie) and the Rock "N" Roll Reunion. That's where Doc Rock came from. In 1989 the Rock "N" Roll Reunion got another big break. They were asked to do their singing and dance show in Sioux City Iowa and open for Del Shannon. It was a dream come true for Gordie and the Reunion. They sang and dance their hearts out that night and caught the attention of some very important people in the music industry. And for the next several years Doc Rock & the Rock "N" Roll Reunion were opening for some great people.


Beach Boys Roof Garden Okoboji IA


Wanting to grow his music business In 1991 Gordie purchased the 3rd largest mobile DJ company in Omaha called All American Music and in 1995 he purchased the 2nd largest Magic Music. Now he had a problem he had 3 mobile music companies with 3 different names. While he was brain stormin' with his DJs on what to do his son said "all I can tell you is we put MAGIC into DJ Entertainment in the area". And so.... All American Music, Magic Music,  &  "CADILLAC" Entertainment became MAGIC MUSIC. 

The Present

May 17, 1997

Hey G,

I wanted to write and tell you how much fun I had with you and the guys from the Rock "N" Roll Reunion in Shenandoah.

The one thing that stood out to me was your knowledge and love for the Golden Oldies. When you and Dave sang our song

"All I Have To Do Is Dream" It sounded fantastic. And when you paid tribute to my brother and me it was very moving.

See you in Okoboji in September.

Your Friend,

Phil Everly

All American Music - Magic Music - "CADILLAC" Entertainment

One of Gordie's music loves is the 50's & 60's, the other is Foot Stompin Country. In 1981 Gordie created an Oldies show called the Rock "N" Roll Reunion. It was a music show like American Bandstand where Gordie would play the hits for everyone to dance to. The difference was that a lot of the hits folks were dancing to was being sung by Gordie and his DJ's.

March 20, 1995


Keep up the good work.

You are one of a kind and a plus to our business. Let's keep in touch.

My very best regards,

Dick Clark

Thanks for

stopping by

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